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Sports Illustrated Model Natasha Barnard Slips Into Something a Little More Comfortably Silky

South African hottie Natasha Barnard looks rather fine in her two piece bathing wear, but she really eclipses all matters sextastic in her bra and panties for Freya lingerie. I'm pretty sure lingerie usually beats out bikini in the battle of things you'd most like to see crazy good looking wearing, at least for the few moments before you begin openly weeping and beg them to take it off. Lingerie has the air of the boudoir and the hint of naughty times to come. With Natasha Bernard, those times would be very naughty indeed.

Seeing Natasha Barnard in her bra and pantie reminds me that every time I think I couldn't possibly heartily lust yet another woman, there she goes again, my newest passion project. The sextastic is not a fixed pie, it's infinite, so I suggest you get yourself well-rested. This is not a sport for the unambitious. Enjoy.

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