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Sahara Santos Sextastic in Black Bustier

Sometimes I like to imagine that even over in London, photographers are working with a sultry hottie like Brazilian model Sahara Santos and thinking to themselves, hmm, let's do something today that will drive Bill at Egotastic quite crazy. Well, success if that was your goal, good sir, because the combination of the dark brooding sextastic of music video vixen and hottie model Sahara Santos and that little black body squeezing number has me all up in my tingles.

Wow, that surely would be a pleasant sight to come home to after a long hard day at work. Not that I have those, but even from a short not so hard day, finding Sahara wrapped in some black satin with her body presented like the world's best Christmas gift, that would be a thing alright. I promise I'd keep it a secret too, just me and a couple million of my friends I'd have to let in on my good fortune. With photos and videos naturally too. Sahara, like so many of your Brazilian lady model friends, you do so inspire. Enjoy.

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