Miley Cyrus Kindly Fellates, Err, Inflates a Blow Up Doll on Stage

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Well, I'm not sure why so many of you asked to see this, but, so be it. Here's the pride of Tennessee, Miley Cyrus performing a bit of plastic fellations on a blow up doll during her London nightclub appearance the other evening. I'm no scientist, not licensed at least, but I'm going to surmise this isn't Miley's first blow up doll experience. She seems to have some experience in her pucker.

As always, I'm forced to give Miley credit for winning the attention game in the pop music world. Say what you want about how crude and simple it is, but if it were that easy, then everybody would be the most searched person of the year online. And they're not. Sometimes, simple is genius. Not that I'm putting Miley in the genius category, though I'm sure her inflatable doll friend would argue she's the bomb. Enjoy.

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