Michelle Lewin Thong Bikini Thumper Madness in Miami

Let’s just pretend the argument over whether fitness trainer and model Michelle Lewin has the tightest hottest most passion inducing thumpers in all of Miami hot model land is settled. You know I don’t like superlatives, or picking winners among winners, but if you told me Michelle Lewin had the finest booty in the world, I’m not going to argue with you for hours on end like I would if you told me Motley Crue was a heavy metal band.

Michelle took her thong barely covered bottomside to a pool in Miami to generally make everybody feel just a bit more like a man, or a Sapphic leaning booty-positive woman, with her proud and yoked derriere shining in the midday sun. Sometimes, I see an arse so perfect, I just want to cry or write a poem or steal a child’s milk money. Michelle Lewin inspires these kinds of feelings and then some. Oh, yeah, not too shabby from the frontside either. What a woman. Enjoy.