Malena Costa Bikini Pictures Bright Yellow for Bikini Judging Season

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It's nice to see the Spanish models getting into the bikini mix along Miami Beach, especially one as en fuego as Malena Costa, an Iberian hottie of immense proportions. Malena decided to throw her hot body into the ogle worthy competition this Spring in Miami going with a bright yellow two piece just to ensure she was not overlooked. As if a sultry beauty as alluring as Malena could be overlooked. Though it is true that people stick their noses into their portable electronic devices even at the killer hot girl beaches these days. Sad, but true (with the exception being you're checking out on the mobile, naturally).

Malena, I welcome you into our world of prurient desire and fine dining at restaurants that utilize plastic sporks. You are a mighty fine addition. Enjoy.

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