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Luxiboo's Sexy Bikini Shoot In Malibu

Luxiboo is barely clothed in this super hot bikini photoshoot in Malibu. Luxi sports two different bikinis, each one more revealing than the last. The pink one in particular doesn't do a very good job of covering up her assets. It is difficult for any piece of fabric to contain those funbags. They are a magnitude 10 on the boobtastic scale. But there is more to Luxiboo than just her fabulous rack. She's also got a perfectly shaped booty. Both bikinis show off her fantastic backside. Luxi should seriously only wear clothes with the seat cut out so that the world can enjoy that amazing butt all the time. But maybe it's best that it is usually covered up. No one would get any work done if her trouser hams were always showing. Well, I would but it's my job to talk about her booty. Yes, I am living the American dream.

Luxiboo is so hot that she doesn't need a last name. You can get away with that kind of thing when you are that sexy.

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