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Lisa Hochstein Bikini Body Stands Out on Miami Beach

I can't possibly keep track of all the Real Housewives on Bravo. I think it's the second largest employer of women in this country at the moment. And some of them are just plain old train wrecks in which there is little compelling interest unless you happen to be their bail bondsman. But a few deserve our ogling efforts, including self-described animal activist and fitness guru Lisa Hochstein who is part hottie and part walking advertisement for her plastic surgeon husband's handiwork.

With equal parts natural and man-made, Lisa cuts quite a female figure in a bikini strolling across the beach in Miami, her enlarged funbags barely contained in her black bikini. Sure, you could be a bit hesitant to take on a woman of Lisa's figure proportions, but I say, dive in and deal with your feelings later. It's never the wrong time to swallow your true feelings. That's what counseling is for. Enjoy.

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