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Lara Lieto Lounging On Her Balcony In A Bikini

Hot model Lara Lieto was spotted sunning herself in a small teal bikini in Cannes. The brunette beauty is there with boyfriend Adrian Brody to promote his new film Emperor. The bikini top is pretty tiny so you see the top of her funbags and some nice cleavage. For her bottom she opted for a pair of super revealing terry cloth short shorts. You can almost see the top of her butt cleavage when she bends over. But if you like a nice stomach, (and I know you do), her perfectly toned bare mid-riff is a sight to behold. That Adrian Brody is one lucky son of a B. They have been seen around Cannes making out. If I was dating someone as hot as Lara I would be making out with her all the time too. In fact, it would be hard to get me to go to the movie screenings because I'd just want to stay in the hotel room for some dirty nasty French Riviera style.

Still, we have photos like these for us to enjoy even if we aren't allowed to touch. It's like the paintings in a museum only 100% hotter.

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