Krysten Ritter Bikini Beach Body Shines Down Mexico Way

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I know Krysten Ritter is not your typically Tinsel Town leading lady beauty. She's not blonde, she's not sizably enhanced, she's not super glamorous in designer duds, but I also know most of you couldn't give a hoot about that. Not to mention the diehards among you who have been injuring yourself to thoughts of Krysten Ritter for several years now as your go-to friendly but horny girl next door type. The girls next door really always are friendly and horny, don't you know.

We rarely get to see Krysten in revealing wardrobe, so these visually wonderful ogles of her in a little black bikini down Cabo way was certainly an uplifting surprise. A splendid bit of boobtastic and sweet bodied unexpected always brightens the day. Or the locked closet in which you're viewing these photos. I never judge. I mean, I do, but quietly. Krysten Ritter, it is so nice to see you looking so bikini fine. Enjoy.

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