Katie Cassidy Bikini Pictures Are Sleek Fighting Machines of the Sextastic

Lusciously lovely and lean Katie Cassidy is back on her multi-bikini vacation in Miami in what appears to be a mismatched bikini, but I’m not going to be the one to tell her, unless I get the responsibility to dress her, or undress her, or just be close enough to her to mention such things and have a good naked giggle over it.

The rising star was making temperatures rise along the beach in one of her uber-tight bikini choices, the kind of swimsuit you can only wear if you’re rather confident in your gym routine. She is. I’m confident enough to ogle her from afar. ¬†Katie, until I hear otherwise, I’ll just assume that tummy bracelet means you belong to me. I’ll be a kind dom. So kind, I’ll seem submissive. Let’s get this started. Enjoy.