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Kate Beckinsale MILFtastic Legs Revealed To Kick Off the Summer Shorts Season

Oh, Kate Beckinsale, how you do move to white shorts and skirts so quickly after Memorial Day. We have until Labor day to appreciate the fine stems on this uber-sextastic mom, yet another summer of Kate Beckinsale strutting, typically in stretch pants, now in leg revealing wardrobe for the expanded summer months.

Every time I see Kate Beckinsale I'm reminded why I vote for her as the world's hottest mom in the informal balloting I often do in my home alone on a Saturday evening while most people are out socializing. The voting is always close and comes down to the wire and if I close my eyes real tightly and turn on some Spandau Ballet, I can almost imagine Kate asking me if there's anything she can do for me to help put her into the winners circle. See, I'm not lonely at all. Kate, I want those legs to walk all over me! Enjoy.

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