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Jordana Brewster Is Back in Jeans and a Tank Top on the Set of Fast and Furious 7

I guess that answers that. There are between one and twenty-five more Fast and Furious films coming out in the future. Fast cars and guns and hot girls never truly gets old, even if the storylines tire. Point of fact, Jordana Brewster is back in tight jeans on the set of the latest sequel being filmed, which means both that I'll be closely tracking on set visuals during production, but also inevitably going to be buying a ticket to #7 when it comes out.

I'm a sucker for Jordana Brewster hot body and alluring looks. Even if they got rid of the hot rods and grenade launches and Vin Diesel trying to emote, I'd gladly watch two hours of Jordana changing in and out of various tough girl skintight outfits. Tight jeans, leather riding suits, spandex, let's do this Jordana. Modern cinema needs you now more than ever. Enjoy.

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