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Jamie Anderson & The Olympic Snowboarding Girls In Bikinis

Olympic medalist and hot person Jamie Anderson and the girls of the American Olympic snowboarding team showed off their goods at Azure in Las Vegas. Jamie isn't only one of the best female snowboarders in the world she is also a champion at filling out a bikini. Jamie wore her medal from the Sochi games over her perfectly shaped snowballs. After all, these women are in amazing shape. Her abs alone are worthy of some kind of medal or trophy. As an added bonus you also get the other girls from the team like Kaitlyn Farrington. Oh, Kaitlyn. She is the very definition of the slender sex goddess. One of the true tragedies of the winter Olympics is that due to the cold the lovely ladies that comprise our team are way too covered up. I'm not saying that the girls should snowboard in bikinis...

All I'm saying is that that would greatly increase the ratings of the winter Olympics. I know that I'd clear my entire schedule and stay up until 3am to watch that live.

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