Hailey Clauson Is Young and Hot and Posing to a Fare-Thee-Well For 'Hot Texas Summer'

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I feel like we just met Hailey Clauson last week and I fell madly and disturbingly in love with this American model rising star. I think it was just last week. Well, consider that lust to be officially doubled in just a week's time thanks to these provocative, boobtastic, and otherwise crazy hot poses pictorial from For Love and Lemons magazine featuring 19-year old Hailey in very little clothing posing like she means it. And she does. I mean it too when I say, please, Hailey, we need even more.

There are a plethora of divine and passion inducing women in this world, but only a select few have the special 'it' factor you need to become a household name in sextastic modeling. Well, at least in my household where those are the only names we know. I have a sneaking suspicion Hailey Clauson has a heaping helping of the special it buried deep inside of her. Naturally, I'll need to investigate more profoundly before coming to any conclusions. Time to strap on the rubber gloves. Enjoy.

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