Gaming’s Whacked out Week: ‘Sleepy Time’ is The Most Depressing Game About Fapping You Ever Saw

It’s Friday! Before you retire to the local drinkatorium for the weekend (if, y’know, your boss is cool with that at this time of the morning), there’s just time to kill your buzz with this little slice of wanky sadness.

Earlier this week, a poor, unsuspecting world was introduced to Sleepy Time. You’d think that being the ‘…conductor of the world’s most masturbatory orchestra’ (killscreendaily) would be rather fun. You’d probably get to wave a fancy little baton around while you… wave your baton around, and generally watch everyone get their faptastic on.

Then you discover that this is strictly a dudes-only affair, and who in the name of numerous raging boners wants to see that? This isn’t even the most depressing thing about the game. It’s a rhythm action title with a twist (and, presumably, a tug or two), which sees a cast of sad, lonely gauchos lulling themselves to sleep the only way they know how. You must help these poor bastards!

Kill Screen has all the details of Sleepy Time and its disturbing psychological background. But all you really need to know is that ‘by the game’s end, you have five guys singing and stroking in unison in the same 2D space.’

It all sounds like a dream a friend of a friend tells us he once had.