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Fernanda Uesler Bikini Pictures Put the Hot Diggety Damn in Hot Brazilian Model Strutting

Don't get me started on the long line of lovelies out of Brazil currently strolling our sandy shores. If I were a filibustering Senator, I could speak for ten days straight on the sextastic lineage of bikini hotties that come from one of the lands down under the equator, including Fernanda Uesler whose bikini booty and ridiculously hot body has made Miami here home for the time being.

I wish my own abode had the same allure as Miami for these wicked sextastic international models. How nice would it be to wake up each morning to hear the sounds of dozens of crazy tanned and alluring bikini models pulling on their thongs as they chatter in multiple foreign lingos. That's rhetorical, it would be very nice. Much better than hearing my neighbor Steve from across the balcony groaning about how his pants don't fit him anymore. Fernanda, come sashay about my living room in your perfectly fitting two piece swimsuits. Save me from Steve. Pretty please. Enjoy.

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