Emma Roberts In Her Panties, So Adorable (And, By Adorable, I Mean Faptastic!)

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There's a good chance I'm not going to see the movie Palo Alto. Gia Coppola's new film is probably a bit too artsy, airy, and otherwise Franco for my taste. But I do admire a filmmaker who's also a photographer who takes pictures of her film starlet, Emma Roberts, in her panties for a promotional type pictorial in Paper Magazine.

Emma Roberts is never going to be racy girl, but she is indie girl, and while she may never be fully topless and visible in any film, despite my candle lightings, she does love to frolic about in her panties for various roles, and as you can leer here, that is quite a sight to behold. Gia, Emma, you've done good work here. May your soft-focus sun-spotted indie films do well forever more. Just keep the hot body photos coming please. Enjoy.

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