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Emily DiDonato Swimwear Sextastic for H&M and Visual Happiness

I'm a big fan of Emily DiDonato. I'd like to think she thinks of me equally fondly. But let's not ask her, let's just assume. Emily is definitely one of those girls we don't see that often, and when we do, we think, man, why don't see see Emily DiDonato more often.

The New York brunette is featured in the H&M summer catalog looking way to cool for the pool. I could probably admire Emily equally as lustilywithout all the necklaces and hats, but I'm told women love to accessorize. It's something beyond my comprehension. I mean, I already allow for Emily to wear a swimsuit covering up her even more fantastic bits, that seems like plenty enough of a wardrobe concession. Emily, you in your birthday suit must be something spectacular to behold. Enjoy.

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