Debbie St. Pierre Bares Midriff In Hollywood

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Model Debbie St. Pierre displayed her perfectly toned midriff outside of Katsuya in Hollywood. She wore what can only be described as the world's smallest tube top. It barely covers her amazing rack. Her redonkulously pert funbags peek out from the top of the "shirt" for maximum cleavtasticness. As if that wasn't enough, you can see the entirety of her awesome flat stomach. You could bounce quarters off of those abs. Debbie also shows off her belly button ring. I must admit that I'm not that big into piercings...except for the belly button. There is just something super sexy about a girl with a belly piercing that makes me feel joy in my crotchecological region. Perhaps it's that all the hot girls that had nothing to do with me in college had their belly buttons pierced. All I know is that I'm strongly in favor of it.

Debbie should opt for regularly wearing as little clothes as possible. If you are blessed by all the gods with a body like that it behooves you to show it off all of the time. Anything less would be mean.

Here's Debbie in some of her hard work on camera:

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