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Brooke Burke, Bare Midriff, Toned, Wicked Mommy Boobtastic Hot

Like that fine wine, Brooke Burke is only getting hotter and I want to steal her off the shelves and gulp her down with gusto while the sommelier runs about wondering where his claret has gone.

Brooke was out and about in Malibu over the weekend, showing her tremendous progress back to 110% body health and lust inducement, with strong arms I want to grab me and make me do horrible things that I read about in all those stranger danger books as a child. Just look at those motherly mamms packed barely into her Spandex top. I'm sure there are some downsides to Brooke being your mom, like fighting off all the handsy oglers, but I'd take that deal in a second. No offense to my own mum, I just want a tummy rub from Brooke for a couple or three nights. Enjoy.

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