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Bella Thorne Short Skirt and Bare Midriff Taking Manhattan By Starlet Storm

There's no doubt that Bella Thorne has been given a new theme in her current promotional campaign for the movie Blended. It's no longer happy-go-lucky young teen actress. It's now maturing starlet who all the boys would be fighting over to take to the prom, if Bella were available. And, she's not. But there'd still be fights. I don't remember many girls back in those days looking quite like Bella Thorne.

The redheaded ingenue took her turn on Good Morning America and other New York morning media outlets to pimp her movie and show off herself in a rather high hemline exhibiting her rather noteworthy starlet legs. Not to mention a bare midriff top that would've got most girls in the school I went to sent to the principal's office for some kind of tongue lashing. But on Egotastic, you don't get a tongue lashing for dressing like... wait, yes, you still get a tongue lashing. Though less figuratively speaking. Enjoy.

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