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Bella Thorne Long Legs for Seventeen Magazine Cover Pimping Duties

With great popularity comes great responsibility. Bella Thorne not only has about five movies coming out it seems, she's also the current cover girl for Seventeen magazine. I must admit, I canceled my subscription to Seventeen nearly a couple years ago now, so I'm not currently up on all the makeup, prom, and dating tips the magazine provides scores of young women who need such advice. But not like I'm going to miss out on Bella's big cover edition, for which she has been making many stops around the country to co-promote, including a leggy show she put on in Union Square in the Big Apple.

Bella's high school years remind me of my own teen experience, minus the attention, the adoration, the travel, the money, the notoriety, and the hotel room stays with a significant other. Though neither of us were truly natural redheads, so there's that. Not that I'm jealous. I'm content just to wait and watch Bella claim her ultimate destiny one day as we have with her fellow former TV starlets. Enjoy.

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