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Bella Thorne Is a Saucy Diner Waitress In 'Call It Whatever'

I can only imagine how insipid this Bella Thorne over-produced Disney music is, but I need not imagine how she looks in her music video for Call It Whatever, a profound bit of puffery that brings us Bella as a waitress with an attitude as it's central music video character. I'm sure there's some deep symbolism and motifs embedded into this visual storytelling, but I'm mostly paying attention to the budding star at the center of it all, a future star of screen and TV and perhaps not music so much. But you can only bite off so much at one time. Something any teasy waitress would now before she even ordered.

Bella Thorne is going places. Some of them her publicity team will definitely try to keep secret. Others, a much more public climbing of the Q rating charts. Either way, we'll be following her progress, documenting for posterity. Enjoy.

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