‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer-y Action? Don’t Mind If We Do (VIDEO)

Batman Arkham Knight 2
Gotham has never looked so good.

Who’s up for another slice of Arkhamtastic?

Everybody, that’s who. Arkham is the series that renewed the world’s faith in licensed and/or superhero games (to avert death-by-nerd: yes, we know Batman isn’t a ‘superhero’). The stellar Batman: Arkham Asylum made us feel like our ol’ buddy Bruce for the first time, and it was great stuff all around.

In March, the fourth installment was briefly announced. True, we only heard about ten damn words about it, but nine of them were free-roam around Gotham City like a badass vigilante mofo, and that was all we needed to know.

Two months later, Rocksteady have finally allowed us to suckle at their info-teats a little. Behold the first gameplay of Batman: Arkham Knight. Dramatic business it is too, with the Scarecrow back in Gotham and gathering the Rogues Gallery and all. There’s a big effing rainstorm, a Batmobile and the kind of rusty-claws-making-sparks-on-metal-surfaces action we haven’t seen since A Nightmare On Elm Street.