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Barbora Lovasova Bikini Pictures for Miami Wagalicious Booty Views

Here's the deal. Become an international soccer super stud. Get a hot wife or girlfriend, or both as it seems so often to be. Martin Skrtel secured himself Barbora Lovasova and the pair seem incredibly happy. I suppose being wealthy and successful and talented and in your 20's and having crazy happy private fun time with a WAG like Barbora would put a smile on any man's face, albeit Martin is known for his perma-scowl on the pitch. I'd have to imagine his frown turns upside down when Barbora drops her bikini back in the hotel room.

Barbora has been water sporting and strutting about Miami Beach the past week, just scoring one for the hotties of Slovakia, representing in this informal competition of the international hot babes taking place this Spring in the South of Florida. I will definitely carefully review her visual resume. Though first glance alone tells me she's in the running for one of my future ex-wives, as soon as she loses the famous soccer mope. Enjoy.

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