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Bar Paly Crazy Yachting Lifestyle Hot in Blazer Magazine

Why not throw another wicked hot Bar into the mix. The Israeli girls are just winning the day, so let's peek at Bar Paly, another one of the chosen hot supermodels from the Holy Land appearing in various stages of swimsuit and bikini hotness in Blazer magazine. Bar Paly doesn't get quite the recognition of Bar Refaeli, but she's quite the same circle of hotness as her similarly named professional peer. I'd hate to have to look both of them in the face and tell them I could choose only one. First off, I might not even be looking in their faces.

Featured in this memorable magazine pictorial, Bar shows why she deserves much praise as one super fine female form in international model circles. She wears it well. She'd not wear it well even better. Someday, I would like to wake up to find her nekkid sunbathing on the forecastle of my yacht. But, first, I need to figure out how to pay my phone bill. Enjoy.

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