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Ashley Wagner Bikini Pictures for the Fit Figure Skating Hottie Win

I must admit, I missed almost the entirety of the 178 hours of Olympic figure skating coverage in Sochi this past February, but I do remember seeing Ashley Wagner, our U.S. national champ, and wondering what she might look like when not dressing in costumes for old ladies and the frigid ice. Like, say, a bikini. Well, prayers be answered for those that truly believe. For now we get a chance to see Ashley Wagner and one pretty spectacular booty in a bikini on the island of Maui.

Sure, Ashley looks a little different without the ten pounds of caked on show makeup and hours spent on her hair and wardrobe, as most athletes do before an event, but her skater booty so strong and proud and her powerful fit body lead me to believe I would love to see her Hamill Camel up close and private, if you know what I'm saying. I hope you don't. Hello, Ashley. Welcome to Egotastic! Enjoy.

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