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Anais Zanotti Bikini Hottie Describes Herself With Her T-Shirt

Wow, it's not often you get to see one of our celebrity sextastics wearing a logo that actually has some relevance to their actual smoking visuals, but Anais Zanotti just about nails it with White Hot. Indeed. The French stunt woman and model and all-around bikini babe has taken her competitive curvy body skills to the next level, adding in some very sweet thong stylings, a little half shirt, and the ever-present water bottle for sipping or pouring over your t-shirt or whatever it takes to win the hearts and minds and other vital organs of gentleman oglers within five click radius.

Anais, my hat is off to you today, and, no, that's not my hat, but how can a man truly show his appreciation for a women of such extraordinary beach body talents by merely exposing his dome. When bikini judgement day comes, you shall be in the mix for my top prize. Enjoy.

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