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Amy Willerton Bikini, Err, Monokini, Err. Just Super Damn Hot Tub Hot in Switzerland

They don't just let anybody be a part of those Miss Universe contests. You have to be the hottest girl in your high school for starters. A fine female form like Amy Willerton who represented Great Britain at the pageant last year and has since then been delighting the world with her heavenly hot looks and wicked body in various forms, clothed or less clothed. As in her latest sighting on vacation in Switzerland, stepping out of a hot tub all steamy hot and dripping wet and about ready to make my libido consume itself.

Damn, she's one ridiculously hot young woman. I wish my Swiss Mountain chalet, The Nekkid Heidi, were not still under renovation or I could whisk Amy there for even more hot tub hangout time. My tub has jets too, nothing formal really, just me blowing bubbles really hard into her bikini bottoms. The girls say it tickles. I'm just trying to be eco-friendly. Enjoy.

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