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Alison Brie Comes Out to Play in Vanity Fair

Alison Brie rarely makes a photographic appearance in any alluring form, this despite having that girl from the schul next door type of alluring quality that make so many men want to virtually date her. Or at least, get to the end of the third date quickly where you make those sad kitten eyes and pretend it's not all about sex. Anyhow, whether it be on Community or Mad Men, Alison has built up a small army of lust heads who rarely get open opportunity to ogle her in her revealing lady form.

Appearing in this month's Vanity Fair, the rather discreet Alison Brie gives at least a little something something for the silent majority of happy pants fap-timers to take with them into their libidinal vaults for another three months of strenuous activity. I guess there's something to be said for the demure girl who doesn't show too much, and that thing would be, Please show more! Enjoy.

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