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Vanessa Golub Hot Body in a Monokini on Malibu Beach

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Vanessa Golub showed off the goods in a barely there monokini in a shoot for 138 Water. I feel like I need to drink a couple of gallons of that water to replenish some of my electrolytes after looking at her spilling out of that outfit. I don't even know what the hell electrolytes are and I know I need some, stat. Vanessa's golden orbs look like they are about to pop out at any second in glorious 3D. That's one of the beauties of shooting on the Pacific coast is that Malibu's water is always a little bit cold, a fact that is patently obvious from Vanessa's nips struggling to be free. I say let them out to play, Vanessa.

I'm not sure how this water tastes but I'm suddenly parched. Then again it's no surprise. If I remember my college marketing courses correctly, my professor said something about the best way to sell a product is to put a hot chick in a tiny monokini. It's advertising 101. Vanessa's body could probably sell popsicles to Inuits and space heaters to Bedouins.

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