Valentina Pegorer is Smoking Hot in Black and White for Supermodel Magazine

I'll be the first to admit, I did not know there was a Supermodel Magazine. But it makes sense. And after seeing wicked black and white and hot all over model Valentina Pegorerfeatured inside, I'm willing to go ahead and declare it super. We need more periodicals featuring, highlighting, and exposing beautiful women to the world. It's when the magazines start getting into health and vitamins and advice on how to see signs that your girlfriend hates you that they start getting into circulation trouble.

Valentina comes from a long line of Italian hotties who in my mind are all currently lined up outside my door at home learning how to pronounce my name in English, along with the attached phrase, 'How may I please you today?'. I'm mostly guessing I'll find a stack of bills on my doorstep when I get home as opposed to this line of sextastic ladies from The Boot, but each day I hold out hope. We are nothing without hope, I'm pretty sure somebody said that twice or thrice in a sci-fi movie. Enjoy

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