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Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Legs In New York

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Taylor Swift is a gorgeous girl in many different ways but if you made me pick her best feature, I'd have to say it's her legs. Lucky for us she likes to show them off. Taylor was in New York and went out on the town in a very revealing pair of shorts. It's an interesting choice because I live in New York and it's still the tiniest bit cold here. This makes me think that Taylor is willing to suffer a little discomfort so that the rest of us can enjoy her legs. What a humanitarian. The color and texture of her skin can only be described as creamy. Her legs look like one of those food sculptors from the Food Network carved them out of white chocolate for some throwdown show or whatever. I love white chocolate and I like a long pair of "gams", as my grandfather would say. Yes, my grandfather was a 1940's private eye.

I think Taylor should never wear a full set of pants. Her gifts, besides writing catchy tunes and being generally hot, is those legs. It would be a shame to hide them away in a pair of jeans.

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