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Susanna Hoffs, Yep, Still Hot Performing at Stage Coach

Here's a little fap-back Monday for those of you who injured yourselves happily in the 80's to all-girl group The Bangles and their petite hottie front woman, Susanna Hoffs. It might be almost 30 years since you had your own Manic Monday private time party imagining Susanna rocking out with her ginormous hair and sextastic little body in your boudoir, but I'm here to tell you, and show you, that at 55, the hotness still remains.

Susanna was playing the Stagecoach Festival in Indio over the weekend and crooning at the mic in a short little dress and her award winning smile. Oh, that smile I'm sure many remember. The alluring playful passion inducing looks don't go away, they must mature with age, putting Susanna in the category of wicked fine 50-somethings I'd like to dance with as the bar is closing. There's nothing finer than a fine looking mature lady knowing she looks good. Enjoy.

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