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Serena Williams Shows Off Bikini Body In Miami

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Tennis star Serena Williams took some time off the court to relax on the beach in a very small bikini. Not only is Serena one of the best tennis players around, she's also one of the hottest. I've often wondered how she can run up and down the court the way she does with those ample funbags on her chest. Looking at these pictures that was the first thing I thought of. Serena's famous booty was also in full view. All of that running around she does has toned it to perfection without diminishing its ample size. Let that be an important fitness tip for all the ladies: you want the butt to be firmer not disappear.

I don't really like watching tennis in general but I do like to tune in when Serena or Venus is playing. Something about a hot girl in a skimpy tennis outfit just does it for me.

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