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Selena Gomez Helps Kick Off Hot Legs Season in L.A.

With temperatures climbing toward triple digits this week in Los Angeles (I always loved that meteorological cliche), the lovely ladies of the City of Angels are kicking off their yoga pants and jeans and getting into short shorts and short skirts to show off all their hard leg work over the winter months. Selena Gomez is one of the angels we follow rather closely around here, and another one of the rather stem gifted petite hotties who manages to have long legs despite not being any taller than her midget former or current boyfriend. Those legs on Selena, man, when they come out to play for the summer, it's game on in the leering department.

As all leg men know, summer is our season. The time to fire up our retinal cones for several months worth of foot to goodness tilting gazes at some toned, tanned, and lovely gams. Personally, my favorite time of the year. If Selena's wraparounds are just the appetizer round, I really like where this meal is headed. Enjoy.

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