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Scarlett Johansson is a Boobtastic Badass in 'Lucy'

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I'm not quite sold on the new Luc Besson movie. All that Morgan Freeman 100% of the brain junk seems pretty retread, but we are talking bad-ass Scarlett Johansson kicking ass and taking names and showing off her cleavage in the trailer for this summer's Lucy.

That's three movies I count for Scarlett just released or about to be released including her nekkid turn in Under the Skin, this film, and, of course, Captain America, Scarlett in Black Spandex, coming out tomorrow. And, oh yeah, she's pregnant. Probably not filming any new ones for just a while, but the curvaceous blonde seems to be quite at the top of her game. And, oh, the mighty fine tops she has. Enjoy.

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