Sandra Kubicka Bikini Enters Herself Into the Miami Beach Unofficial Model Hottie Competition

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As if the competition weren't stiff enough, no pun intended. Now the likes of late teen homegrown model Sandra Kubicka is getting into the unofficial brutally hot body competition that is taking place daily along the sandy shores of Miami where fine female forms of all ages are strutting the beaches in their two pieces. I thought Sandra had something of a foreign sultry appearance, but looking upon her teen testing footage which had to be uncovered, she is all Yankee Doodle Dandy from toe to head.

I couldn't be happier if she were my own young secret Miami girlfriend. Well, I mean, I would be much happier if she were my own young secret Miami girlfriend, but I was being polite. Bikini on, young Sandra. While you've quite the stunning behind, your best days are still very much ahead of you. Enjoy.

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