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Rita Ora Drops Serious Cleavage at London's Serious Fashion Week

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I guess there are so many fashion weeks now that they're running out of ideas. At the London fashion week they were celebrating the fashion of Italy, maybe some sort of fashion exchange program or for those who simply can't wait a week when I'm sure Fashion Week will be back in The Boot. Needless to say, like all horrible fashion related ventures, this one too has a silver lining. Or silver low cut bust line you might say as Rita Oracelebrated the fashions of Italy by showing off deep cleavage at the event.

Since my entire take on fashion is how much T&A it shows off, I have to say, I politely clap at Rita's haute couture. It certainly seems well put together judging by my careful scan of her chest. Yep, definitely going to be big this summer. Prints, stripes, and boobs all still in. Enjoy.

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