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Rihanna Dares to Bare Midriff At Hollywood Nightclub

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I really don't go clubbing as often as I used to. It's down from zero times a month to never. Which is sad, because I miss sights such as Rihanna exiting the establishment baring her taut tummy and showing off her cleavage. Because, of course, if I did go clubbing, it'd be the places where Rihanna hangs, and where I could get decent bottle service for eight bucks or less.

Rihanna has been one of our prime time sextastic performers for some time now, with no signs of slowing down. We don't ever really see her working out, which doesn't mean she isn't, but it probably means she got blessed with those good genes that Mother Nature anoints one in ten with. But Rihanna has not forgot her own obligation to show off that body of hers, perhaps more than any other celebrity out there. She really does hate clothing. I love that. Enjoy.

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