Real-World Light Switches, Thermostats and Surveillance Cameras, All Stuffed With C4 in the Name of ‘Watch Dogs’ (VIDEO)

Watch Dogs Release Trailer
Don't try this at home. Really, really don't.

Fans of Youtube and/or pyromania know that RatedRR is where it’s at. These mad bastards enjoy the finer things in life: making things that explode explode, and stuffing things that don’t explode with explode-y explosives, so that they then do have the capacity to explode. The authorities probably have them on some list of shady dudes somewhere, and we love them for it.

The channel features a regular series dubbed The Breakdown, in which they recreate the science of movies and video games in the real world. By… blowing shit up. Now that’s Ego-science, right there. We’re on board.

The latest installment was Watch Dogs’ turn. In the game, master hacker Aiden Pierce has full access to Chicago’s fancy-ass CtOS (Central Operating System). He can halt trains with a simple tap of his cell phone. What would we do with such techtastic in reality? Shove large quantities of C4 up a toy horse’s ass and remotely detonate it with our iPhones, apparently.

RatedRR, via SPLOID.