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Nikki Lund and Nikki Leigh Enjoy A Workout Together in California

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Designer Nikki Lund and Playboy playmate Nikki Leigh got together for an afternoon of sweating and grunting. The two Nikkis worked out together in form fitting yoga pants and sports bras. There is something about a girl in a nice pair of hip hugging Lululemons that makes everything alright with the world. It's pretty much the only reason to go to the gym. The gals did some deep squats and then bent over to work out their cleavage while lifting little pink free weights. You can tell that the Nikkis like to workout because they are both in redonkulously good shape. I wonder how this friendship formed in the first place? Was it simply a case of, "Hey, my name is Nikki too! Do you want to get together and stretch in tight workout clothes?" That's how I'm going to choose to believe it happened.

I wonder if I could hire them to give me some private lessons. I might pass out from the exertion but it would be worth it.

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