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Natalia Vodianova Crazy Hot Russian MILFy Goodness in Lingerie

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I'm not exactly sure when these uber-hot Etam lingerie photos of Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova were taken, but by my estimation, she's about seven months pregnant now with her first baby by way of her new billionaire husband, albeit she already has three children previous by some other wildly rich dude who would see my bank account and politely try not to laugh. For a mother of three, about to be four, Natalia has some crazy regenerative genes that allows her to continue modeling in skimpy little bits of nothing while still populating this planet with her no-doubt hyper good looking offspring. That just makes her even more desirable in my MILF loving book.

Natalia, if you do decide to keep going for some record number of babies, and when you tire of doing the billionaire thing, look me up. I'd be a great father. Well, I'd be great at becoming a father, after that, admittedly I'd probably be wholly unreliable. Let's do this! Enjoy.

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