Monica Olsen Is Too Hot to Be Murdered

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I've had some bad relationships in my time, but never felt so inclined to hire a hitman to snuff out my problem. Thankfully, L.A. native model turned skincare guru Monica Olsen survived her husband (I suppose soon to be ex) trying to hire a buddy to snuff her out of existence. I'm no Dr. Phil, but that seems like the wrong way to resolve problems in a relationship. Plus, the mere thought of losing a woman as wickedly hot as Monica Olsen almost brings me to tears. The thought of how hard she's going to rebound after surviving a murderous ex makes my tears go away and a happy smile appear.

Monica, I can't promise you much in a relationship other than five time two minutes a day of sheer bliss known only to female rabbits. Oh, and I won't try to kill you. Honest. I'm way too cheap. Enjoy.

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