Miley Cyrus in a Thong Bodysuit for Her Bangerz Tour

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Miley Cyrus is known for her provocative stage shows and these outfits are a big part of that. Miley is a pretty hot girl and it is hard to choose which one of her many attributes is the best. I've got to say I'm all about her bodacious booty. It's no coincidence that she's famous for twerking. These thong bodysuits were specially designed to show off her lovely posterior. They reveal just the right amount of cheek to crack ratio to make it sexy but not indecent. Miley's butt is firm with just enough wiggle to keep it interesting. I am a big fan and I think seeing that beautiful booty in person is more than worth the price of a ticket to her Bangerz tour.

It's a shame that for all those years when she was a squeaky clean teen star we didn't get to see her behind. Luckily, she's making up for lost time.

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