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Martha Hunt Paddle Balling Bikini Pictures Could Use a Hug, a Sandwich, and Me Begging to Give Her Both

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Martha Hunt definitely leans to the lean side of the ledger, more fashion model body than swimsuit model, but in all cases quite hot and wet and alluring on the beach in Miami. I'd definitely like to take Martha away for a month to the Swiss chalet I will break into and pretend is my own and stuff her full of spiced meats and hearty soups and other things a man might imagine stuffing into the sextastic likes of Martha Hunt. She could use a few lbs. Having said that, I'd never comment on a woman's body weight one way or another, at least not until we had consummated our affections for one another as men and women do both in the bible and letters to Penthouse, take your pick.

Martha, I have great plans for you and your skimpy little bikinis and that lean female form of yours. Let's get started now so I can unveil you two months hence at my annual Flag Day extravaganza. Oh, to unveil Martha Hunt. I'd like that. Enjoy.

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