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Maitland Ward in a Sheer Black Dress at 'A Haunted House 2' Premiere

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Actress Maitland Ward wore an outfit that was anything but scary to the A Haunted House 2 premiere in LA. The dress was completely see through except for a thin strip of black fabric that covered her nips and lady bits just barely. You could still see full cleavage and the lower part of her amazing breasts. She also took the liberty of not wearing underwear. You know this because you can clearly see the cut of her panty area through the sheer dress. Did I mention it was also really short? I've seen examining gowns at gynecologist offices that were longer than this dress. You can see all of her silky legs going right to her no-no spot. Basically, she is as close to being naked as she can be without getting arrested.

I wasn't planning on seeing this movie but if supporting the Wayans brothers means more displays like this than it is definitely worth the price of admission.

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