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Lexie Marlow Barely There Bikini Shoot In California

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Lexi Marlow showed off her natural assets at a bikini photo shoot in California. The blond bombshell wore a pretty small and form fitting black bikini. Of course, half the time she only had the bottoms on. For several of the pics she is just barely covering her enormous funbags with her arms. There is side boob, top boob, and bottom boob in these pics. The only thing missing is the nips, which is OK. You want a little mystery. But it isn't only Lexi's ample chest and firm butt that make her so hot. She has mastered that sexiest of female facial expressions: the pout. It comes off particularly sexy with her firm full lips. I like ladies with plump mouths. My grandfather always told me to never trust a woman with thin lips.

All of this wonderment took place in on the beaches of sunny California. I've recently realized the worst part about living in New York is that you don't see many girls in bikinis. You see crazy guys dressed like Spiderman and Zorro plenty, but no bikinis. Maybe I should move west?

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