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Lauren Stoner Has An Itsy Bitsy Yellow and Purple Bikini

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Former reality show star Lauren Stoner hit the beach in Miami in a very small yellow and purple bikini. Who is Lauren Stoner? She was a cast member on the short lived E! reality series The Spin Crowd, which was produced by none other than Kim Kardashian. The show was about ladies that work in the P.R. industry. I took public relations in college and I can assure you that no one in my class looked like Lauren Stoner. Also, what's going on in Miami right now? It seems like all the posts I've done today take place in Miami Beach. I'm one of like 15 Cuban-Americans that doesn't live in Miami. Why did my grandparents take us away from there? I know my grandfather liked booties and big bosoms. Maybe that's why my grandmother made him leave...

Either way I think I'm going to get a ticket to the motherland so I can enjoy the wonders of Miami Beach.

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