Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Continue to Flash the Stoneriffic Body Views

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If we were picking teams, I'd probably pick Lauren Stoner for my side pretty early on. Especially if we were skins instead of shirts. Her bikini body continues to dazzle me as it does all who gaze upon it on the beaches of Miami where Lauren routinely takes her fine female form for walks. She maybe doesn't get as much attention as some of the magazine cover girls and international models who grace those same sands with their feet I desperately want to pedicure, but Lauren is definitely on the same ridiculously hot body levels.

Someday I'm going to head to Miami with nothing but my camera, and, naturally, my French designed X-Small Speedo. Maybe not the Speedo so much. I really do need start capturing some of these images for myself. Get those angles that maybe the paparazzi on the beach feel a little ashamed to be taking. I have no shame so I'd be perfect for the task. Enjoy.

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